Jun Mark Centino

October 19, 1995

About Candidate

Working Holiday
Current Address:
Cebu City, Cebu
Skill Set

 Telecom Tower Construction (Civil, Mechanical, & Electrical Works)
 Backhaul & Backbone Optical Networks (OSP/Aerial & Underground)
 RAN Wireless Technologies (4G LTE & 5G NR)
 Pre-Acceptance, Acceptance, and RFTI Tests
 In-Building Solutions – IBS (DAS/4G&5G)
 Fiber Splicing, OTDR, and Optical Power Testing
 Transport & Core Equipment Installation in Data Centers (Edge & Regional DCs)
 Submarine Cable Landing Tests (includes Beach Manhole Construction)
 RF Engineering
 Open RAN Networks
 Biomedical Engineering
 Proficient in English Communication
 Collaboration with Cross-functional Teams
 Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications

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BS in Electronics Engineering

2012 - 2017
St. Paul University - Surigao

Work & Experience


Quality Assurance Engineer

January 3, 2022
China Communication Services Philippines Corps.

* Performed regular on-site quality inspections for an extensive range of FTK projects, encompassing over sixty (60) BTS sites, including the associated backhaul network, nine (9) beach manholes, and three (3) IBS sites. These inspections were part of the phase 2 rollout of DITO Telecommunity. * Deliver comprehensive daily supervision reports for each inspected site by the end of each day, providing detailed updates and observations regarding the progress and quality status of the sites.  Managed and facilitated BOQ Validation, pre-acceptance, and acceptance tests for an extensive portfolio of projects, including over thirty (30) BTS sites, forty-eight (48) backhaul network sites, and three (3) submarine cable links for Phase 2 DITO Tel rollout. * Supervised from installation to commissioning of HUAWEI’s transmission and data communications equipment such as Optical Transport Network (OTN), IPRAN B, PE Node, NAT, BRAS, MCE, and Data Packet Inspection (DPI) in two newly constructed DITO Regional DCs for Visayas. * Oversaw the entire process, from installation to commissioning, of HUAWEI's core equipment, including User Plane Function (UPF) and Session Border Control (SBC) systems, within two newly constructed DITO Regional Data Centers (DCs) in the Visayas region. * Monitors the cable landing operations and testing procedures for three submarine cable links. This involved ensuring the successful installation and testing of the cables to establish reliable connectivity for the designated projects. * Performed Request for Technical Information (RFTI) assessments for a total of 17 collocation RAN sites in collaboration with DITO partners located in Cebu Province. These evaluations involved gathering and analyzing technical data to ensure the suitability and compatibility of the sites for RAN and transport deployment. * Facilitated bimonthly quality meetings at DITO Regional Office in Visayas, engaging the client and vendors to ensure consistent adherence to project requirements. * Provides specialized training to CCSPC fellow engineers on RAN Site QA Inspection, OSP Site QA Inspection, and Submarine Cable Testing and Supervision, enhancing their expertise in these areas.


Supervision Engineer

September 10, 2020 - May 31, 2021
Power China Philippines Corporation

* Facilitates the pre-acceptance and acceptance tests of over a hundred BTS sites including the backhaul network sites, two (2) submarine cable links, six (6) OTN equipment on Edge DC’s, and several backbone and access backbone networks throughout Cebu Province for DITO FTK projects. * Supervised the construction of over a hundred RAN sites including the backhaul network, one (1) data center (CO83), eight (8) IBS sites, and five (5) backbone and access backbone networks of the phase 1 rollout of DITO Tel. * Deliver comprehensive daily supervision reports for each inspected site by the end of each day, providing detailed updates and observations regarding the progress and quality status of the sites. * Organizes and conducts scheduled visits with vendors/contractors to validate variation orders for ongoing RAN site construction, ensuring adherence to requested additional workload requirements. * Thoroughly examines and verifies vendor-submitted documents for the acceptance of essential elements such as BTS permanent power, wireless equipment, ATN, backhaul FOC, and other pertinent items through the DITO OSS portal.


Biomedical Engineer

April 8, 2019 - September 4, 2020
St. Vincent General Hospital

* Maintains the effective and efficient execution of tasks and responsibilities by ensuring consistent compliance with existing protocols, guidelines, processes, procedures, standards, etc. of the division, department unit, and the hospital. * Plans and schedules inspection, testing, corrective and preventive maintenance of biomedical equipment to ensure delivery of service in an efficient and timely manner. * Plans Biomedical Equipment product demonstration with the vendors and users. * Verifies with Regulatory bodies like Food and Drug Administration (FDA), World Health Organization (WHO), Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) if machine is safe to be used with patients. * Performs performance and electrical safety tests to verify safety of machine. * Plans the ordering of spare parts to be used in corrective and preventive maintenance work orders. Recommend vendors an alternative part to make cost effective on parts purchase. * Schedules and performs validation and calibration using calibrated Biomedical Test Equipment. Coordinates with end-users, vendors, and Biomedical Technology Supervisor in scheduling preventive maintenance of biomedical machines. * Performs corrective and preventive maintenance on major equipment such as ventilators, anesthesia, sterilizers, and laboratory analyzers. * Researches best practices in the biomedical maintenance industry and shares or recommends these to the immediate superior or the management. * Investigates all reported failures of biomedical equipment. Provides diagnosis and provides solutions to resolve the technical concern.